Species at Risk

Frosted Elfin

Frosted Elfin (Callophrys irus ssp. Incisalia) Status in Canada: Extirpated Status in Ontario: Extirpated Status at SWCR: Extirpated It gets it’s frosted appearance from a scattering of pale coloured scales on the underside of its wings. The SWCR was home to the last Ontario population, and our efforts are now focused on restoring habitat in the […]

Species at Risk

Eastern Wood-Pewee

Eastern Wood-Pewee (Contopus virens) Status in Canada: Special Concern Status in Ontario: Not yet Listed Status at SWCR: Abundant and widespread breeding bird This migratory songbird is common to the Norfolk region, but declining throughout its range. Quick Facts: This songbird has a distinct call: “PEE-a-wee”. It eats flying insects, hunting them from high perches in […]

Species at Risk

Eastern Whip-poor-will

Eastern Whip-poor-will (Antrostomus vociferous, or Caprimulgus vociferus) Status in Canada: Threatened Status in Ontario: Threatened Status at SWCR: Common breeding bird It is hard to spot this medium-sized songbird because it nests on the ground and has excellent camouflage. Quick Facts: It eats nocturnal insects and is most active at dusk and dawn. It breeds at […]

Species at Risk

Cerulean Warbler

Cerulean Warbler (Setophaga cerulean, or Dendroica cerulea) Status in Canada: Endangered Status in Ontario: Threatened Status at SWCR: Rare breeding bird Cerulean Warbler is a small, insectivorous songbird that nests in mature deciduous forests and can be found in the Nursery Tract during the breeding season. Quick Facts: In Ontario, it breeds primarily in two distinct […]

Species at Risk


Butternut  (Juglans cinerea) Status in Canada: Endangered Status in Ontario: Endangered Status at SWCR: Uncommon Butternut is a small to medium size tree that generally grows alone or in small groups within a range of deciduous and mixed forests. Quick Facts: It is affected by many different exotic diseases and pests. The combination of these […]

Species at Risk

Bird’s-foot Violet

Bird’s-foot Violet (Viola pedata) Status in Canada: Endangered Status in Ontario: Endangered Status at SWCR: Rare – 1 location This low-growing perennial herb flowers in both spring and autumn. In Canada, it only occurs in a small area of southwestern Ontario. Quick Facts: There are only five populations left in Canada, and the population at the […]

Species at Risk

American Badger

American  Badger (Taxidea taxus ssp. jacksoni) Status in Canada: Endangered Status in Ontario: Endangered Status at SWCR: Rare The American badger is best recognized by its distinct head patterning. Its range in Ontario is very restricted. Quick Facts: It is a member of the Weasel family. It is perfectly adapted for digging, with long, stout front […]

About the SWCR

The Community Council

The Saint Williams Conservation Reserve Community Council is a diverse and committed group of volunteer board members. Our members bring a range of skills, experience and perspectives to the Council, and meet regularly to attend to the governance, management and strategic direction of the Reserve and Council. Council committees include Trails and Recreation, Vegetation Management […]

Species at Risk

American Chestnut

American Chestnut (Castanea dentata) Status in Canada: Endangered Status in Ontario: Endangered Status at SWCR: Common The American Chestnut was formerly one of the dominant tree species in many forests in southern Ontario but this imposing tree is all but gone due to a disease called the Chestnut Blight. Quick Facts: It used to grow up […]