Species at Risk

American Badger

American  Badger (Taxidea taxus ssp. jacksoni) Status in Canada: Endangered Status in Ontario: Endangered Status at SWCR: Rare The American badger is best recognized by its distinct head patterning. Its range in Ontario is very restricted. Quick Facts: It is a member of the Weasel family. It is perfectly adapted for digging, with long, stout front […]

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The Community Council

The Saint Williams Conservation Reserve Community Council is a diverse and committed group of volunteer board members. Our members bring a range of skills, experience and perspectives to the Council, and meet regularly to attend to the governance, management and strategic direction of the Reserve and Council. Council committees include Trails and Recreation, Vegetation Management […]

Species at Risk

American Chestnut

American Chestnut (Castanea dentata) Status in Canada: Endangered Status in Ontario: Endangered Status at SWCR: Common The American Chestnut was formerly one of the dominant tree species in many forests in southern Ontario but this imposing tree is all but gone due to a disease called the Chestnut Blight. Quick Facts: It used to grow up […]

Species at Risk

Eastern Flowering Dogwood

Eastern Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida) Status in Canada: Endangered Status in Ontario: Endangered Status at SWCR: Occasional and Rare at both tracts Eastern Flowering Dogwood is a small understory tree that produces clusters of showy white flowers in spring. Quick Facts: It occurs only in the Carolinian Forest Zone of southwestern Ontario. Because of their flowers, […]

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Contact the Community Council: Learn more about volunteering with the Community Council: info@swcr.ca St. Williams Conservation Reserve Community Council c/o Turkey Point Provicial Park 194 Turkey Point Road, Turkey Point, Ontario N0E 1T0 Learn more about the rules and regulations for the Conservation Reserve: Jeff Pickersgill, Park Superintendent/Conservation Reserve Manager (A) – Turkey Point Cluster […]

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We are proud of our efforts at sustainability within the reserve, and are glad to share them with the local community and area visitors. Please respect the Reserve’s fragile ecosystems by following the code of conduct at all times when at the reserve. Activities that are compatible with restoration activities within the reserve are allowed. […]

About the SWCR


The St. Williams Conservation Reserve is strategically located in the middle of the Carolinian eco-region in southwestern Ontario. The Carolinian region makes up less than 1% of Canada’s total land area but boasts a greater number of both flora and fauna species than any other ecoregion in Canada. It is also the most threatened ecological […]

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About the CR

The St. Williams Conservation Reserve includes 1035 hectares of Crown land in Norfolk County, Ontario.  The Reserve is made up of two separate sites: the Nursery Tract and the Turkey Point Tract.  These two tracts are also designated as the E.C. Zavitz Forest and the J. H. White Forest, respectively, in recognition of the two […]