About the SWCR Feature

Our goals

Why Was The CR Established?

Ontario established the St Williams Conservation Reserve so that:

‘…these tracts will be a flourishing example of extraordinary biological diversity representing their pre-European settlement natural legacy of ecological communities while protecting their unique cultural heritage and providing opportunities for compatible public land uses.’
— SWCR Management Plan 2007 – 2057

The 5 objectives for the Conservation Reserve:

  1. Natural heritage protection and restoration
  2. Cultural heritage protection
  3. Recreational Opportunities
  4. Educational awareness
  5. Research opportunities

1. Natural Heritage Protection and restoration

Maintain and restore the native ecological communities (including oak savanna, oak woodland, other tallgrass communities; and sand barrens, forests, wetlands and streams) of the Reserve, and their associated species and ecological processes.             

2. Cultural heritage protection

Recognize the cultural significance of The St. Williams Conservation Reserve as part of the first provincial forest station in Ontario.

3. Recreational opportunities

Provide day use recreational opportunities and permit traditional public land uses that are compatible with natural heritage protection and restoration.

4. Educational awareness

Raise awareness of the site’s significance, history, ecological processes, features, complexity, sensitivity, and beauty.

5. Research Opportunities

Encourage research that helps guide the maintenance and restoration of the conservation reserve’s biological diversity.

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