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Species at Risk

Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife In Canada (COSEWIC)
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Species at Risk Home Page
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Species at Risk Stewardship Fund
Ontario Natural Heritage Information Centre

Local Partners and Agencies

Birds Canada
Canadian Raptor Conservancy
Carolinian Canada
Tallgrass Ontario
Norfolk Field Naturalists
Norfolk Woodlot Owners Association
Norfolk County
Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS)
Norfolk Land Stewardship Council
Nature Conservancy of Canada
Long Point Basin Land Trust
Long Point World Biosphere Reserve
Long Point Causeway Improvement Project
Long Point Region Conservation Authority

Provincial and Federal Partners and Agencies

Ontario Field Ornithologists
Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario
Ontario Invasive Plant Council
Environment Canada
Canadian Chestnut Council
Canadian Forest Service
Ontario Woodlot Association
Ontario Forestry Association
Ontario Nature
Ontario Professional Foresters Association
Conservation Ontario

Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks