About the SWCR Feature


The St. Williams Conservation Reserve is a special place:

Designated as a conservation reserve in 2004 because of its important natural heritage and cultural significance. The natural ecosystems and other special features found here are being protected and restored to sustain biodiversity.  These public lands can be explored and enjoyed by the public.

The St. Williams Conservation Reserve Community Council

The Community Council is a non-profit organization comprised of local volunteers. This organization council was established primarily to advance the goals of the property Management Plan developed by the province of Ontario and work with the Ministry of Natural Resources to implement the current Operations Plan. If you’d like to serve on the SWCR Community Council, please apply using this form.

What’s Going On at the Reserve

Restoring nature is a long-term project, and we are tackling this challenge.  A variety of ecosystem restoration techniques are being employed to protect and enhance the rare habitats at the reserve, paired with monitoring to track the results.  Many researchers and educators are studying different aspects of this living classroom.

Get involved:

The Community Council hosts a variety of community events and volunteer activities throughout the year. Visit the News and Events section to learn more.

Recreation at the Reserve:

Activities that are compatible with the restoration of the Reserve’s rare ecosystems are welcome; visit the Recreation section to learn about the many permitted day-use activities, the Code of Conduct that all visitors must follow, and to download maps of the authorized trail system. There are no onsite services and no access fee.

Please report any sightings of Species at Risk in the St. Williams Conservation Reserve

Use this SWCR CC sighting report form to report your observations of Species at Risk or other rare species in the St. Williams Conservation Reserve.

Volunteers needed

Volunteers are needed to help with trail maintenance, habitat management, and as committee members.  Contact info@swcr.ca for more information.

Funding for this project was provided through the Species At Risk Stewardship Fund