About the SWCR

Permitted Activities

Outdoor recreational activities are allowed as long as they do not pose a risk to the sustainability of the Conservation Reserve.

The St. Williams Conservation Reserve asks that recreational users follow the Code of Conduct at all times while on the property:

General Rules for all Users

  • Expect and respect other trail users
  • Leave the wildlife for others to enjoy. Do not stress, harass, or chase wildlife.
  • Stay on authorized trails; do not create new trails. Avoid any travel that will increase trail rutting or otherwise damage the land.
  • Use trails only according to the permitted uses indicated in the Operations Plan . Some trails are user specific (i.e. hiking or horse-only trails).
  • Respect neighbouring landowners. Stay off private and avoid excessive noise.
  • Leave the conservation reserve as you found it; whatever you take in, take out.
  • Some trails may close seasonally or during forestry operations. Obey trail closure signs.
  • Hunting is a permitted use in the SWCR. When entering the SWCR during hunting seasons, wear clothing that stands out (i.e. hunter orange) for safety.
  • Check trail conditions, especially in spring. If you are leaving tracks over 1cm deep, don’t use the trail.
  • Keep to the right to allow other users to pass on your left. When stopping for a break, move to the side to allow others room to pass.

Follow the links below to learn about the Code of Conduct as it refers to specific activities within the reserve:

Here are trail maps of the Reserve.