Equestrian activities

Equestrian trails are located at the Nursery Tract.  Horse riders are also permitted to use the multi-use trails at the Turkey Point Tract, which are also used by ATVs, dirtbikes, and bicycles.

Code of Conduct for Equestrians:

  • Ride at a leisurely pace. Keep to a walk unless safety is certain and ground conditions rule out trail damage. Never gallop.
  • When your vision of the trail ahead is restricted, slow down and control your horse. Always assume that there may be another trail user ahead.
  • Ensure your horse is well mannered. Kicking, biting and excessive spooking are not safe on trails. Train your horse to accept various experiences and other users. Ride with an experienced horse if your horse is nervous.
  • Keep to the right to allow other users to pass on your left. Help other users by telling them the safest and easiest way by.
  • Pass other users on the left in single file, after receiving their permission. Allow them to get control of any pets, and be especially alert for children.
  • Kindly remove manure from the trail.
  • Never leave horses unattended.
  • Some trails are for hikers only; respect those trails by only riding on trails designated for horses.

Click HERE for trail maps of the Reserve.