About the SWCR

The Community Council

The Saint Williams Conservation Reserve Community Council is a diverse and committed group of volunteer board members. Our members bring a range of skills, experience and perspectives to the Council, and meet regularly to attend to the governance, management and strategic direction of the Reserve and Council.

Council committees include Trails and Recreation, Vegetation Management and Governance, and there are many great opportunities for getting involved. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Community Council, please fill out an application.

Meet our Members

Adam Biddle, Director (video to be provided)

Audrey Heagy, Coordinator (video to be provided)

Cynthia Brink, Administrative Assistant

Helen Button, Co-chair

Jay Maxwell, Director

Jeff Smrcka, Director

John DeWitt, Treasurer (video to be provided)

John Morrissey, Corporate Secretary

Lenora Sawyer, Director

Mike Postma, Chair

Sherri Gill, Director

Stephanie Drayer, Director

Val Hickey, Director

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