In addition to the dedicated Mountain Bike Trail located within the Turkey Point Tract, cycling is permitted on all multi-use trails.

 Please respect the authorized trail network while visiting the Reserve: Off-trail riding can damage sensitive habitats, introduce invasive plants and animals, and is hazardous to other visitors.

 Code of Conduct for Cyclists:

  • Keep your pace leisurely and slow down to pass other trail users.
  • Plan ahead: know your equipment, your ability, and the area in which you are riding. Prepare accordingly.
  • Slow down if your vision of the trail ahead is restricted. Always assume there may be another trail user ahead, and be prepared to stop.
  • Yield the trail to hikers and horseback riders. Use your bell or speak when you are about 30 feet away to alert them. Be careful when passing children and dogs, especially from behind. Allow the owner to control the dog before passing.
  • Stay on designated trails. Off-trail riding can damage vulnerable plants and wildlife.
  • Some trails are for hikers only; respect those trails by riding only on multi-use trails.

Click HERE for trail maps of the Reserve.