Winter sports

Winter Sports

Code of Conduct for Snowmobile and Motorized Vehicle Operators:

  • All motorized vehicle operators must be fully licensed and insured.
  • Obey all regulations and by-laws regulating the operation of your snowmobile or ATV.
  • Be safety conscious. Be aware. Ride with care.
  • Stay on authorized trails. Unauthorized trail riding can injure vulnerable plants and wildlife.
  • Avoid sudden stops and starts and quick directional changes with acceleration.
  • Slow down when your vision of the trail ahead is restricted, at night or over unfamiliar terrain.
  • Always assume there could be other trail users ahead, and be prepared for a controlled stop.
  • Slow down and be courteous when approaching or passing other trail users. Keep your speed and engine rpm low and steady when approaching and passing other trail users, homes, etc. Communicate with other trail users.
  • Park and dismount from your machine and walk to sensitive, scenic, historic and cultural areas.
  • Remove your helmet when talking to other trail users.
  • When parking along a trail, park machines in single file over to the right as far as possible to avoid obstructing the trail. Ensure you are visible and turn off your machine.
  • Some trails are for hikers only; respect those trails by only riding on multi-use trails.

Click HERE for trail maps of the Reserve.