Photo by Cynthia Brink

We don’t want your weeds!

It’s that time of year again when some people will be looking for somewhere to dispose of your garden green waste.
Unfortunately, disposing of garden waste along the roadside near a natural area is one of the main ways that invasive plants are dispersed and spread. Invasive plants create a heap of problems when then get into a forest or wetland.
Many plants growing in your yard are non-native species planted for landscaping purposes. These plants are chosen for their resilience to environmental conditions. These characteristics that make them attractive to gardeners cause major harm to the ecosystem when they end up in a natural area.
Tossing a bag of garden waste or pile of branches containing soil, seeds, or even small plant fragments can cause a new infestation that spreads rapidly and can be difficult or impossible to eradicate.
Dumping of garden waste is environmentally damaging and is also illegal and enforceable with fines.
What you should do with your garden waste:
• Compost it and use the mulch to enrich your lawn and gardens.
• Bag it in paper bags and take it to your local transfer station. It’s free!
• Norfolk County also offers curbside pickup of yard waste in cottage and urban areas in the spring and fall.
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