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Birds Canada and the Whip-poor-will Need Your Help!

The Eastern Whip-poor-will team at Birds Canada is looking for your help! We are looking to find as many Whip-poor-will nests as possible in Norfolk, to inform us of nest-site selection preferences and more. During your time outside this summer, or the next two years, if you happen to stumble across an Eastern Whip-poor-will nest, please take note of any territorial/aggressive behaviour of birds on/near the ground (wings up, ‘growling’, jumping low to the ground), or any other activities of interest that you may see. You can email your observations to: with the location of your sightings as SOON as possible, so the team is able to monitor the nest throughout the breeding season. Nests consist of 1-2 white eggs with brown spots on the ground in leaf litter (watch your feet!), which tend to be within ~10ft of the forest edge, near more open habitat. They seem to like oaks, and many nests have been found in scrubby/oak maple areas, and restored sites, that are open with that leaf litter ground cover and forbs nearby. No need to use flagging tape or other markers, but just the latitude and longitude, or general area, would be great information to have! Thank you-Natasha Barlow